Jul 5, 2009

Prevent ur passwords lost

If you are a person who like to fishing additional revenue from the internet, you will need username and password which are used to login to your account at the site where you will catch your money , right ? . For those of you who use firefox browser,as default it has provide fiture which if you login to the site will show you three buttons at right-top-corner of page , each button's caption are  Remember,Never for this site, and Not now. If you press Remember button, the firefox will save your password in file where i don't know.

It will be more usefull in multiple account,but if once upon time if something happen to your computer or your firefox had some crash that it can caused your passwords which firefox saved lost. it will be no problem if you save them in another place before, or the site provide some link like forget you password. You can save or export your passwords that firefox has saved to another place and  you may attemp to use an add-on for firefox as name as password exporter you can download it here.

After your installation is complete  just go to Tools--> Options--> Security, will be show additional button as Import/Export passwords. you've done !!

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