Jun 20, 2009


Almost all people had experienced this trouble, perhaps once or twice a year and possibly more. The cause and the type of headache is enough. Therefore, to know with certainty the cause and type is the first step to it. There are several causes of this headache:

Poor sleep

Lack of sleep can result in head felt dizzy, so it can disrupt the activity being carried out, try to sleep on time for adults at least 6-8 hours per day.

Physical activity
How a heavy physical exercise can make muscles in the head, neck, scalp and even the need for better blood circulation. This can make you swell vein. This is called exertional headaches.

Many thought or stress
Avoid too many thoughts, especially anything less useful or garbage thinking. Most of the mind can increase muscle tension in the hind-neck better make a positive activity, such as reading books.

Some of the treatment that you do can be a potential for attacks to hit you headaches. If you feel the pain that you feel as a side effect of the treatment is, ask your doctor to change medications without side effects or with a more lightweight.

Alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic beverages that exceed the dose can make the headache, red eyes, and always felt a very drowsiness, and in this case should avoid.

And more particularly the health of other organs in your body because of headache can also be a health indicator.
If you still feel the headache of continuing immediately contact your doctor to get adequate treatment.

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  1. there is one certain caused headace wich is if someone punch your head =))


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